The Great ET HOG Hotdog Sale of 2001
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Anderson Toy Run - some lucky person will win this Sportster. Linda, Robin and Gary - What are they talking about?
Hey, Tom! I didn't say Yankees can't grill hotdogs? The hotdogs were a big hit!
Mary and Becky. Wonder what they're up to? Joe, Tammy, and Carla - Anderson County Toy Run
ACTR - 4000 tickets. Jan, your odds are pretty good! Check out Al's ACTR pins?
Wayne and Jim - Yes, we're having a good time! Why are you just standing around? We've got to sell some hotdogs!
Where are you going, Wayne? I only burned five hotdogs, no matter what Tom says!
You want fries with that? Sorry, Jack, but I've got to grab a dog before the ballgame. See ya later!
Are these things black enough yet? Larry, is that coffee good?