WV State HOG Rally
August 2001

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We stayed at the Comfort Inn in Princeton, WV.

We just took our room chairs to the parking lot and set up "party central".

We ran over to Pipestem to register for the rally on Thursday evening so we were R-E-A-D-Y!

After we registered, we headed for the vendor's area - Mary's favorite spot.

The tents in the background are the on-site vendors.

Of course we have to stop to admire the beautiful bikes.

Then it was off to Applebee's for something to eat.

Karen wanted to try out a bigger back seat. How is that for bun holders, Karen?

Now back to Party Central at the motel.

We just hung out in the parking lot swapping stories until .........

Friday morning (or there abouts), we're back at Pipestem to take in the sites...

....and sounds of the rally.

And, of course, Mary has to check out the inside vendors....

....and the outside vendors again.

Let's saddle up for the poker run.

Our favorite stop on the poker run was the Bluestone Cafe. We got there just in time to dodge the rain.

We met David at the 1st stop and he rode with us. Here we enjoyed a nice break on the back deck.

This is a good spot for a break - food, cold beer, and right on the river.

And we took our time and enjoyed it! Does it get better than this?

After the poker run, we went to Cole's Harley Davidson in Bluefield for a block party.

This block was the real "Party Central".

Good music......

Good seats......

Good time......

Great view! :)

Sue and Terry were at the motel when we got back.

Next day we head back to the rally site but have to make a stop at the off-site vendors. Surprised aren't you.

Back at Pipestem, we stop at the field events for some afternoon entertainment.

Terry and Jim are ready for beer, bike games, and whatever.

We found a nice shady spot to watch the.....

Slow Race....

and the Ball Drop.

Terry and Karen take a shot at the Road Kill Clean-up event.

Hey! Slow down, I missed a(n) opossum or two.

And Karen just had to try the Weenie Bite.

So Jim gave her a ride for this one!

Then we started to look around the park - this is the tram.

But rain kind of cut that tour short.

So we headed to the Texas Steak House back in Princeton.

Some of us got pretty wet but we just poured the water out of our shoes and kept going.