ET HOG Ride to Alamo Restaurant, Gatlinburg, April 2002
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Riders met at the Harley Shop for a surprise destination ride.

The Alamo Restaurant in Gatlinburg was chosen as the destination.

Saddle up and lets roll.

We made a gas stop in Sevierville. There were 19 bikes on the ride.

Sheila and Mary are enjoying the day.

Richard and I brought up the rear. Check out his back-of-the-pack grin.

Well we made it to the Alamo's parking lot and we seen to have it to ourselves.

That's great! Let's eat, drink and be merry!

Looks like we're going to be the first customers today.

Richard and Sheila Meltabarger.

Jim and Mary Love.

The riders enjoyed a nice meal and good company.

Looks like some good stories are being shared here!

Kathy, Gary, and Rick are ready for dessert.

It was a good ride and good food. When do we do it again?