Our July 2003 Vacation in West Virginia
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We rented cabin number 14 at Smoke Hole Cabins near Seneca Rocks, in Pendleton County, WV.

This little covered bridge crosses a stream filled with 'lunker' trout! Mary is hitting the fish food machine!

Here is a Golden trout (a hybred developed in Petersburg, WV) among other Rainbow, Brown, and Brook trout - look closely!

We sat in the Gazebo where the camera could be placed for a time delayed shot! You can see the unfinished 'Lodge' in the background.

This is the center display in the cabin neighborhood where we stayed. Here is a real good background - 'Babe' in front of cabin number 14.

Cabin number 14's backporch in the morning. Nice....... :)

Here is another one of those time delayed shots. Not too bad, huh?

This little cabin was very nicely appointed, with fireplace, queen bed, and heart-shaped jacuzzi.

A full kitchen too - everything you need to make this a nice home-base in 'riding' country?

An example of the rock formations that gave this area its name and unique interest.

Here is Williams River in Pocahontas County, WV. I love this place!

And this is Mary at the Tea Creek Camping and Picnic area on Williams River.

I just had to try my luck at the low water bridge on Williams River at Tea Creek.

I raised one or two trout (not very big) but only caught a small rock bass (red-eye).