ACTR "Pintos in Petros" Poker Run
01 November 2003
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Registration for this run was at the Atomic City Sports Bar in Oak Ridge.
It looks like great weather for a Poker Run!

Each poker hand was only $5.00 and all of the money collected goes to the kids for Christmas!

There was a very good turn-out for this ride and it looks like everyone is having a good time.

Our next stop on this poker run was the Block House Tavern in Petros.
There, Brenda and Herbert were ready for us with a big spread of food - ham,
potatoes, corn, pintos (of course), corn bread, and all the fixin's.

We had a great time at the Block House as usual - it's one of our favorite stops!
Eat, drink, and be merry for it's a great day for a poker run!

Our final stop was the Backroad Pub and Grill in Oak Ridge where we drew our last card.
And, of course, I got a commode flush again - I'm used to getting a bad hand. :)

Here we had more food and drink, awarded the best poker hand prize
($265 to Bill Colston - he gave it back to the kids. Thanks, Bill!),
had a 50-50 drawing, and gave away some door prizes.

We collected about $1500 for the kids on this event and had a lot of fun doing it.
I guess everybody wins on a deal like that! A big "thank you" to all the volunteers!